expense4you Version 1.1 Is Now In The App Store



expense4you Version 1.1 is now on the App Store.

This new version has been optimised for iOS 8 and stores higher resolution images of any receipts that you photograph.

You may also specify the number of currency codes you want the App to remember and show first.

Historical data are grouped by ‘group’ rather than by upload batch.

systems@work iPhone App

Version 4.8.4 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the systems@work Version 4.8.4 suite of applications:

  • expense@work Version 4.8.4
  • time@work Version 4.8.4
  • forms@work Version 4.8.4


Version 4.8.4 contains the following enhancements:

Export Sequences

You may now specify (on an Export Sequence definition record) that when an exported transaction is modified, thereby generating a reversal and a new transaction, export sequence numbers should not be copied to the reversal and new transaction. This enables modifications automatically to be picked up and exported by Ledger Export.

Approving transactions posted from Planning

Transactions posted from a Planning Profile to the Actuals ledger (a fairly recent possibility) may now be considered for Approval in Approval Profiles. Any transaction undergoing Approval cannot be modified in a Planning Profile.

Ledger Export

We have provided more space in Ledger Export Profiles for the specification of parameters for the standard post-processing programs MULTIPLY, GROUP, SORT, and RENAME.

Single Sign On

This now works for the mobile browser version as well as for the standard browser version.


Restrictions, Accounts and Outlook Fields are no longer copied when the Copy button is used to create a new Employee if these tabs are hidden from view in the current context. Photographs are also not copied.


Version 4.8.4 contains the following bug corrections:

4417   Page refresh in Approvals swaps date and month for dates if Employee is using American formatting

4414   Data in exported Excel from desktop Planning sometimes shows in some columns true or false values instead of numbers

4408   Projects with an apostrophe in their code do not work properly in Planning

4407   Linked texts (Notes) are missing in Invoices reprinted from Archives

4405   Long text in Invoice address results in error message “Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status” when Invoice is produced

4395   A Ledger Export profile is not saved after an error informing of an empty value in Output file path option is displayed

4394   Optional parameters in Ledger Export do not warn that long values are cropped

4391   If notes are used on a form with diarise enabled, then Timesheet is prefilled but with one day as one row

4390   Error appears when you try to save Allocation Schedule Parameters profile without specifying a Planning Profile

4386   Form cannot be recalled when some of its analysis contains string with apostrophe

4384   If there are more than 9 calculations allocated to an Invoice Data Profile, you cannot access these when mapping a Planning Profile

4383   Routing Rules deletion causing Maintenance to crash

4291   ‘Project’ and ‘Project Name’ are not shown in ‘Reprint Invoices’ grid when INVOICE lines are archived





Version 4.9 Update


Our Development Team is making excellent progress with Version 4.9 and the following is an update on some of the key features planned for this release.

  1. We have  completed work on enabling a form/expense row to be viewed/edited/created in form view (vertical orientation) as an alternative to grid view (landscape orientation). You will be able to specify whether the default mode is form or grid. This new functionality is a significant enhancement to the forms functionality and will make the entry of complex/wide forms a lot easier.
  2. We’ve added enhancements to Calculations enabling conditional alternative calculations with different rules. This means that you won’t run out of calculations so rapidly when designing form types and timesheet types.
  3. We’ve begun work on rewriting parts of Data Import into .Net. This will enable the chaining of Ledger Export and Data Import, and the execution of Ledger Export/Data Import chains in the Task Scheduler. This new functionality will allow the set up of workflow for Project or Employee creation using forms and then export/import.
  4. We’ve started the transfer of invoicing into the browser. Rather than simply replicating the current invoicing steps in the browser we aim to make the process more flexible. For example you will be able to choose a Project and begin invoicing for that project without any intervening steps.
  5. We’re enabling the selection of multiple values for analysis fields. For example, you may want to choose several Employees from a list in an expense form.

Version 4.9 is scheduled for release in Q2 2015 and we will post regular updates in our Newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.

Version 4.8.3 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the systems@work Version 4.8.3 suite of applications:

  • expense@work Version 4.8.3
  • time@work Version 4.8.3
  • forms@work Version 4.8.3

Version 4.8.3 contains bug fixes and a number of significant enhancements.


We’ve made a number of related usability and logical changes in Approvals based on customer feedback:

  • Fewer buttons to click 

    When a user of an approval profile clicks Commit Approvals, the system will prompt for the calculation and posting of modified lines if they haven’t already been calculated and posted.

  • You can now associate an approval status value with a status value - 

    Suppose that you have two statuses for project work – Charge, and Free. You may now associate a Rejected approval status with the Free status so that when you assign Rejected to a transaction in an Approval Profile the status of the transaction will automatically be set to Free.

  • Controlled re-evaluation of approverWhen a primary approver queries a transaction to another project manager and the other project manager changes the project (or any other value) you can now specify that the Returned status should lead to re-evaluation of who should be the primary approver for the transaction. Until now re-evaluation only occurred for Null approval status values, and this required that the primary project manager change the Returned status to a Null status to ensure that the transaction is then be presented to the appropriate primary approver. This is no longer necessary with the right configuration.
  • Invoice preventionUntil this release it was not possible to prevent the invoicing of a transaction if an approval status definition was linked to conditions in an inquiry profile. For example, if you were to set up two approval stages, the second dependant on the first being completed (and therefore requiring the definition of triggering conditions in an inquiry profile) it was not possible to prevent invoicing of a transaction based on the second approval status. Now it is.
  • You may now set a relative cut-off date(e.g. transaction dates 100 days before the current date) to improve performance during the determination of approvals by the Approvals process


Additional Enhancements

  • We have enhanced the Splitting tool in forms, so that a user can now split to more than two rows, and also by percentage.
  • We have made it possible for the selection tool to be used (as opposed to a combo) in forms, timesheets and profiles in the PSW even for analysis values that belong to a non-validated analysis category.
  • We have extended our work on Ledger Export so that names for exported fields specified by the user can be passed to XML and used in XSL. We will also shortly be publishing details of three programs we can provide to assist in the preparation of files for import into other systems.


Bug Fixes

Version 4.8.3 contains the following bug corrections:


4364    Prefilled Transaction Date is not saved when a form is created and not saved


4338    Override Exchange Rate to apply to all same combinations on a single row when a rate is modified on a row


4328    Opening Project record – Skills tab in time@work Maintenance takes too long when there are 60.000 records


4314    Closed employees should not be available in Selectable Routing


4367    Approvals will fail when restricted by Analysis Roles and if the Ledger contains role analysis values longer than 30 characters


4363    After server restart, when Task Scheduler is starting, only one SchedulerService will start, others are not started


4361    Opening of a form or creation of a new row is too slow


4360    Expiry Days should not be always mandatory on Approval Status Definitions, but only when Expiry Status is set


4358    Error when sending Transmission Profile in case Attachment Type is Standard HTML


4354    Warning message on cancellation when not all lines are posted is evaluated only from current page but not from other pages in Web Ledger Modification


4353    Approval Status dependent on Analysis Roles with Analysis Number higher than 20 doesn’t prevent Invoicing


4352    Approval Profile grid is wrong/unresponsive when Export to Excel button is used in Chrome


4351    Runtime parameters for Validated Numeric or Date/Time analyses are not passed to SQL correctly in PSW


4342    The last line can’ t be deleted, in other words something always has to remain in the grid in Planning


4340    Project list in Selection Tool is incomplete when Employee has records in Diary and Distribution Masks are not set


4337    Analysis values are always editable using a window opened from a project record


4334    Values tab on Projects is empty when Access Profile /Access Rights for Projects does not have “Edit” checked


4333    Error “Invalid Column Name” when a numeric activity analysis category is to be copied to a task analysis category from a submitted form


4332    Task Scheduler problems with obtaining a connection from a connection pool


4331    If deletion of a row in Ledger Modification results in an empty grid, error appears instead of No Records message


4330    Calculations with suppressed totals in Inquiries have no total in grid footer, but currency is taken from 1st row


4327    Value Table Definition is skipped whem its Value Table contains characters like č, měkké l apod.


4326    When Unposted Actuals task is executed in Task Scheduler, it prefills Activity column in timesheet which causes validation error


4316    Employee selection on forms fails if there is Data Access Control enabled


4313    Administration Identity Switch is not saved on Employee record in Web Employees


4312    Lines are overwritten between pages when you first click on Save & Validate and during the validation process click on any other page


4309    When we have set up “Submission Confirmation Message”and Error Hierarchy” for Timesheet, “Submit with Warning” windows appear again and again if we click on “OK” button


4308    Check All checkbox is not aligned with the lines’ checkboxes in Approvals


4235    Notes are “lost” / not correctly transfered from Budget to Timesheet


4164    In IE – Date-picker appears in wrong places when form lines scrollbar is in use





For further information on Version 4.8.3 or to suggest some additional enhancements you would like to see please Contact Us.

systems@work Releases 1st iPhone App

We are very pleased to announce the release of the first of systems@work’s suite of mobile applications, expense4you.

expense4you lets you capture expenses through an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface. In addition you can capture photos of your receipts and record voice memos to remind you of the details of the expense claim.

You can then upload your claims to our secure server, where you can report, analyse and export the details using your browser.

expense4you lets you choose a profile that determines your base currency, tax and mileage reimbursement rules.

Profiles for the USA, UK, Eurozone, South Africa, Australia, India and International (for all others) are available now, with many more to come, including non-English language versions.

This version of the expense4you iPhone application is designed for the personal capture of your business expenses and can be tried free of charge for 1 month. After this time there is an In-App subscription option for £4.99 per year.

Upcoming Releases

expense4you Corporate – We will shortly be releasing a corporate version of expense4you which will allow users of our expense@work and time@work applications to capture expense claims on the go and upload these to their corporate networks. Users of time@work and expense@work can try the expense4you App as the corporate version will function identically.

expense4you Home – Additionally we are releasing a version of the App called “expense4you at Home” which will allow the capture of domestic expenses and income.

forms4you – In the coming months we will also release forms4you, a generic forms entry App that can be configured for a wide variety of purposes and integrated with other database systems.

For further information on expense4you or to suggest some additional enhancements you would like to see please Contact Us.