time@work & expense@work 4.7 Update


Version 4.7 of expense@work and time@work is planned for release towards the end of this year. Version 4.7 will include a number of significant … [Read more...]

systems@work Announces Development of iPhone App

systems@work iPhone App

systems@work today announced that it is developing an iPhone App for its time@work and expense@work solutions. The App will will initially handle … [Read more...]

Mobile Expense Claims


One of the most useful features in expense@work and time@work is the ability to complete expense claims from a mobile device. In the following … [Read more...]

expense@work Version 4.6 Reference Guide


The latest version of the expense@work 4.6.X Reference Guide is available for download here. … [Read more...]

time@work Version 4.6 Reference Guide


The latest version of the time@work Version 4.6.X Reference Guide is available for download here. … [Read more...]

systems@work Version 4.6 Installation Guide


The latest version of the installation guide for version 4.6.X of time@work and expense@work is available for download here. … [Read more...]

Recording Corporate Gifts And Hospitality


We have previously written on the implications of the Bribery Act for employee expense claims, however there are many additional situations where … [Read more...]

Use Favourites To Manage Repeating Items On Expense Claims

expense form favourites 1

The favourites feature in expense@work and time@work allows users to select regularly entered items from a drop-down on the form. The details … [Read more...]

Expense Reporting Using Microsoft Reporting Services

Reporting Services Expense Chart

Native support for Microsoft Reporting Services from within expense@work and time@work enables users and administrators to experience rich and dynamic … [Read more...]

Expense Mileage Calculations Using Web Services

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One of the most exciting new features in Version 4.6 of expense@work and time@work is our support for Web Services. Put simply, this enables our … [Read more...]

Receipt Management & Employee Expenses


One of the most frequent questions I am asked concerns the handling of electronic receipts when using Expense Management Solutions such as … [Read more...]

System Requirements (Updated Jan 2014)

This article details the different Operating Systems and other Technology Requirements for different versions of time@work and … [Read more...]

Version 4.6 – Initial Impressions


I attended a presentation of Version 4.6 at one of our key client accounts on Tuesday. It was my first opportunity to see the final cut and it looks … [Read more...]

MPS’ Expenses And Costs For August And September 2011


IPSA, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has released details of expense claims processed using expense@work in August and September … [Read more...]

2011 Client & Partner Conference Summary


The 2011 systems@work Client & Partner Conference at the London Stock Exchange was a great success and we would like to thank all those who attended … [Read more...]

34,000 Expense Claims Processed By IPSA During June & July


IPSA, The Parliamentary Standards Authority has published its regular report on details of MP's Costs & Expenses processed using expense@work. For … [Read more...]

Registrations Now Closed For The 2011 systems@work Conference


We have been delighted with the level of interest in the 2011 systems@work Conference and due to the overwhelming number of early registrations we … [Read more...]

MP’s Expenses Update


We have recently implemented an updated version of expense@work at IPSA - The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. This update includes a … [Read more...]

Version 4.5 November Launch


Version 4.5 of time@work and expense@work will be launched at the systems@work Conference on November 16th (click here to register). Version 4.5 … [Read more...]

Reserve Your Place At The systems@work Conference 2011

2011 systems@work Conference

As we mentioned last month, the date and venue for the systems@work User Group 2011 has been confirmed as Wednesday 16th November at the London Stock … [Read more...]