systems@work Company Weekend


Employees of systems@work and LLP from around the world gathered in Frymburk recently for 4 days of brainstorming, product presentations and networking.

In addition to presentations on the soon to be released Version 4.8.2, there were a number of planning sessions focused on version 4.9 which will be released towards the end of 2014.

One of the most eagerly anticipated presentations was on the new iPhone App which is being released in July.


20140612 - Frymburk 000026


Adam showing the new Audio Recording feature in the new iPhone App.


20140612 - Frymburk 000033


Voting for Employee of the year.


20140612 - Frymburk 000028


Voting taking place for Project of the year.


20140612 - Frymburk 000019


Petr presenting some of the latest features in version 4.8.2


20140612 - Frymburk 000024


systems@work and LLP staff see the new iPhone App for the 1st time.


20140612 - Frymburk 000020

Enjoying the football after a hard days work.


systems@work Announces Rebate & Trade In Scheme For Microsoft Business Portal Users


systems@work is today announcing the launch of a rebate scheme for users of Microsoft’s  Business Portal solution for GP which it was recently announced would be discontinued.

Users of the Microsoft Business Portal for GP who register their interest in our time@work, expense@work and forms@work solutions before July 31st will be eligible for discounted pricing on our industry leading Expense Management, Time Recording and Workflow solutions.


For further information on the offer please contact systems@work or your authorised expense@work, time@work and forms@work Business Partner.



expense@work and time@work Version 4.8 To Be Released In April


We are pleased to announce that Version 4.8 of expense@work and time@work will be released in April.

Major enhancements planned for this version include:


It will be possible to create 50 Activity Analysis Codes instead of the current 20.

All analysis fields will now allow 511 characters instead of the current 30.

It will be possible to specify a character limit for each analysis category (e.g. limit to 20 characters).

We are introducing an option to use ‘regular expressions’ for the validation of Activity Analysis Values (these enable specifications such as ‘all alphabetic’, ‘all alphanumeric’, ‘only these values’, ‘no longer than’, ‘no shorter than’).

We are introducing an option to enter a From and To Date for Activity Analysis Values.


We are adding an Analysis Restrictions tab to Task

We are adding an Analysis Restrictions tab to Activity Analysis Values. This is a major change and will greatly extend the ability of organisations to specify complex structures in their drop down fields.

Additional Enhancements

Identity Switch (which allows a user to login to the PSW as another user) can be used by more than one Employee.

Enabling ‘Current Employee’ and other role-based selections in Ledger Export, as currently for Inquiries and other profiles.

Option to remove the Report button from timesheets and forms in the PSW.

Option to control mandatory file attachment at Expense Type/Project level as well as at Form Type level.

Option to prohibit transaction dates based on offset from current date.

‘Copy from…’ activity analysis values optionally to be pre-filled on timesheets and forms.

Option to copy Timesheet Types and Form Types in systems@work Maintenance.

Revision of all ‘Export to Excel’ functions in the PSW so that files of types XLSX are created with correct date and numeric formatting.

Statement of Intent – Version 4.9

We plan to release Version 4.9 in the Summer of 2014. Major enhancements in this version include the extension of calculations to 50 throughout the system.

iPhone App
It is our intention to release an iPhone expenses App at the same time as version 4.8

TouchstoneFMS Infor SunSystems Conference 2013


The 2013 TouchstoneFMS User Conference took place at the British Library in London on November 20th and systems@work was one of the key sponsors and exhibitors. The Conference has for many years been one of the major events in the Financial Management Solutions calendar and this year was no exception.

systems@work has been a regular exhibitor since 2005 and we would like to congratulate the entire team at TouchstoneFMS for another excellent Conference.

20131120 - Touchstone User Conference 000004

20131120 - Touchstone User Conference 000003

20131120 - Touchstone User Conference 000001

20131120 - Touchstone User Conference 000002