expense@work is an enterprise class expense management solution for organisations ranging in size from 25 to 5,000 Employees.

expense@work automates the entire employee expenses claim process and integrates with all major Financial Systems including SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Coda and Sage.



Finance Integration

One of the primary benefits of implementing an automated expenses management system is the elimination of time consuming and error prone transaction rekeying. expense@work is unrivalled in its integration credentials and will export transactions in the appropriate format for all major financial accounting systems including SunSystems, Microsoft Business Solutions, SAP, Coda and Sage.



expense@work is the Expense Management Solution of choice for users of Microsoft Dynamics, and is the Number 1 Expense Management Solution for users of SunSystems Financials.



Organisations deploying expense@work ensure internal and regulatory Expense Management Compliance, Exceptional Financial Control and Powerful Expenses Reporting.

expense@work is renowned for its ease of use and is implemented in organisations throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia and The United States.

“Organisations that automate their expense claim process
reduce out of policy expenses by 40%
and reduce reimbursement cycle times by two thirds”
– The Aberdeen Group