Wardynski & Partners is a modern flexible law firm operating in a competitive and rapidly changing environment. They decided to implement [email protected] for their office in Poland. It is used by more than 60 lawyers across 4 departments:

1. Investment Financing
2. Ownership Transformation & Restructuring
3. Real Estate & Construction Investment
4. Intellectual Property Protection

Wardynski & Partners conducted an in-depth study of available systems offering extensive functionality in professional services automation. The key requirement was the supplier’s ability to deliver a turnkey solution based on software proven in other existing installations.

“Wardynski is a modern flexible law firm operating in a competitive and rapidly changing environment, providing a wide range of legal services to customers of many kinds, We needed an integrated solution that would be easy for our lawyers and administrators to use and which would provide us with sophisticated multi-currency capabilities, and our customers and ourselves with up to date information on billings, work in progress and utilisation”. – Stefan Jacyno – Managing Partner

“We are particularly pleased to add Wardynski to our client list, since there are many competitors providing PSA solutions in the legal arena. The flexibility and depth of our product, particularly its ability to manage multi currency and multi language functionality and to integrate easily with external applications, make it an ideal solution for an ambitious law firm such as Wardynski.” – Adam Bager – Chairman

The Modern Law Firm

The legal profession has special requirements and the success of every practice depends on what can be billed to the client. Simple disbursement, time recording and invoice generation ensure that the Practice Manager, Partners, and Associates can focus on their caseload and not administration. In particular:

  • [email protected] caters for 5 – 5000 users.
  • [email protected] is simple & easy to use.
  • Time can be recorded in any increments.
  • Different allocations for each client, partner or day of the week.
  • Unlimited time per case, client, partner.
  • Multi currency and multi language.
  • Time billed in any currency or rolled over to the next account.
  • Disbursements are easy to capture.
  • Simple and accurate billing.
  • Full finance integration.

  • Reporting

    [email protected] has extensive reporting and analytical powers to suit the demanding requirements of a modern law firm. Sample reports include:

  • Suggested Billing
  • WIP
  • Fees Per Partner & Per Client
  • Partner Utilisation & Average Fee Rate
  • Departmental Fees & Disbursements
  • Time Under Charged
  • Lost Revenue & Under Utilisation
  • Fees Received vs. Actual Utilisation

  • About Wardynski & Partners

    Wardynski & Partners was founded on 1st May 1992, though the founding partners had been working in close co-operation on many privatisation and investment projects since the late 1980’s gaining their reputations and experience. This formed the basis for the future success of the partnership.

    There are currently nine partners at the firm and about 45 other lawyers who work in co-operation with them. The firm has offices in Warsaw, Poznan and Brussels and employs over 130 staff and associates.

    Further information on Wardynski & Partners can be found at http://www.wardynski.com.pl