Our Cloud Expense Management Solution, expense@work provides a highly configurable and flexible system that can be deployed rapidly but which does not sacrifice the configuration and security options typically associated with On-Premise Expense Management systems.

We can immediately deploy a pre-configured "out of the box" system, which enables your employees to start submitting expenses within 1 day.

We also offer the option to customise the system to add dimensions, logic, workflow and reporting to meet your specific business needs. You can also choose language options to reflect your global requirements.

If a preconfigured solution doesn’t suit then we can configure your system in the Cloud from scratch based on your business needs. In addition if there comes a time when you wish to migrate your Cloud Expense Management System to an On-Premise version we can switch you over in a matter of hours with all your historical data included.

on premise.

on cloud.

Enterprise Class Expense Management Wherever You Choose

expense@work is an enterprise class expense management solution for organisations ranging in size from 10 to 5, 000 Employees. expense@work automates the entire employee expenses claim process and integrates with all major Financial Systems including SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Coda and Sage. Organisations deploying expense@work ensure internal and regulatory Expense Management Compliance, Exceptional Financial Control and Powerful Expenses Reporting.

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Easy To Use

expense@work enables employees to enter expense data effortlessly. Employees can select expense items and other data from easy to use drop down fields to speed up entry and eliminate errors. VAT and foreign exchange rates can be calculated automatically. Different form types can be made available to different groups of employees (so for example US based employees see a different form than UK employees) and employees can have multiple form types available on their home screen. Forms can be used to manage travel requests, cash advances, expense claims, and credit card statements and workflow rules can be setup for authorisation and review.

Quick & Simple Form Entry

expense@work enables employees to enter expense data quickly and effortlessly. Employees can select expense items without needing to understand or know any account code information. Forms can be designed with drop down fields to speed entry and eliminate errors. VAT and foreign exchange can be calculated automatically.settings.

Mileage Calculations

expense@work automatically calculates reimbursable mileage amounts based on HMRC or taxation authority guidelines. Additionally, mileage calculations can be based on company policy depending on vehicle type, vehicle ownership and factors such as employee location. expense@work can calculate distances between post codes, zip codes and other addresses.

Finance System Integration

One of the primary benefits of implementing an automated expenses management system is the elimination of time consuming and error prone transaction rekeying. expense@work is unrivalled in its integration credentials and will export transactions in the appropriate format for all major financial accounting systems. expense@work also interfaces to other business applications such as Payroll, HR and bespoke Practice Management solutions.

Mobile App

Our mobile app makes data entry a breeze for field staff and employees on the go. Receipts and audio notes can be attached to claims and all the rules and data validation available on the desktop is automatically synchronised with the employees mobile device.

Submit and authorise expenses from anywhere and if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself without a signal, the systems@work Mobile App works in offline mode also.

Alerts and notifications of pending actions are pushed straight to your mobile device.

The systems@work Mobile App enables employees and managers to submit, authorise and manage expenses on the go.

Submit From Anywhere

Receive Notifications

Save Time


Break Free From The Desk

Gifts & Hospitality Management

In addition to capturing expense information, many organisations use our software to track gifts and hospitality (given and/or received). This has become particularly important since the introduction of the 2010 Bribery Act when it became a legal requirement for companies to scrutinise and authorise the giving and receiving of corporate gifts and client entertainment. Copies of receipts or information about the event can also be displayed on the screen.

Detailed & User Friendly Reporting

expense@work includes an extensive range of reporting options to ensure that employees, management and finance have full visibility over expenses expenditure. Reports can be configured as required and made available to some or all individuals based on role or other criteria. Reports can be in dashboard format (as above) or transaction reports with drill down to line detail can also be produced. All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel and other business software as required.

Travel Requests & Cash Advances

expense@work enables organisations to manage all aspects of employee expenses and travel. Employees can request permission to travel in advance of incurring any expenses and forms can be routed to the Line Manager for approval and then (optionally) on to the Travel Department who can make the travel arrangements if required. Employees can be required to enter either general information relating to their travel or alternatively very specific details about the flight and hotel arrangements they are planning. Full visibility of Travel Authorisations requested and approved is also available in expense@work.

Credit Card Import

expense@work has been integrated with all UK and Overseas Credit Card Providers and Financial Institutions. Credit Card transactions can be imported into expense@work and will automatically be assigned to the appropriate employee who can then review the statement and add any additional information required (such as justification notes or client details). In addition Credit Card statements can be pushed to the employee's mobile device for remote completion and authoristation or query.

Corporate & HMRC Policy Enforcement

One of the most important functions available in expense@work is the ability to enforce corporate expense policy. Rules can be configured to ensure that employees enter all required information and the system will validate the claim and advise the employee if there are any problems. Policies can be set at a global, country, departmental or individual level and configured to be either advisory warnings or rejections. Submission messages can be created which require employees to acknowledge their understanding of policy and these messages can be configured on a per form basis so that employees in different jurisdictions or with different roles see messages that are tailored to them.

on premise.

on cloud.

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Explore Features


Use smartphone and tablet devices from any location to enter and approve expenses.


Digital images of receipts can be uploaded from mobile or desktop.

Credit Cards

Easy import and analysis of employee credit card expenditure from all major banks.


Ensure compliance with taxation legislation and corporate expenses policy.


We integrate with all major finance, accounting and payroll systems.


Sophisticated reporting options allow review of expenditure in summary or detail form.


Sophisticated rules allow forms to be routed for authorisation based on expenditure limits.


Fully customisable options allow tailoring of the system to suit your requirements.

Go Mobile


Our mobile app allows organisations that have implemented expense@work, time@work or forms@work to deploy those applications to their employees mobile devices. Employees can upload receipts and data for direct authorisation or they can review later on their desktop.

“ It is very simple to use, claiming expenses has never been easier.”

systems@work User - North America

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Intuitive Interface


The systems@work Mobile App has been designed to allow employees to quickly select and submit their form. Administrators have full control over what is available to employees and data can be selected with effortless ease.

“ I needed no training and I was up and running in minutes.”

systems@work User - United Kingdom

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Multiple Form Types


The systems@work Mobile App allows multiple forms types to be available to the employee. Alternatively you can restrict access based on the forms you want to be available on the mobile device.

“ All my forms are now available on my mobile.”

systems@work User - Ireland

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Easy Data Entry


Users can select from drop down fields to quickly and easily enter information. The systems@work mobile app will validate all data entered based on the rules that are configured in the system.

“ I can quickly enter my expenses as soon as I incur them.”

systems@work User - Australia

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Distance Calculations


For users who subscribe to our Mileage Calculation Service the app will automatically calculate the distance between postcodes, zip codes or GPS coordinates.

“ Now I don't have to guess the distance travelled.”

systems@work User - London

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Receipt Capture


With the systems@work Mobile App users can quickly snap a picture of their receipts and attach it to their claim.

“ No more scanning and no more paper!.”

systems@work User - Dublin

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Timesheet Data


In addition to expenses, the systems@work Mobile App can be configured to allow time@work users to submit timesheet data.

“ I can now capture time as I work on my projects.”

systems@work User - Prague

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Audio Notes


Sometimes its easier to talk. With the systems@work Mobile App you can submit audio recordings and explanations for submission to the authoriser or perhaps just as an aide memoire.

“ Sending audio with my expenses helps explain things quickly.”

systems@work User - Hungary

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