Privacy Statement


This privacy statement applies to [email protected] Limited, it’s websites and its products and services both online and offline.

Cookies & Similar Technologies

Our websites uses "cookies, ”. These are text files stored on your device and help us to operate our website and collect information about the online behaviour and activity of visitors to our website. As an example, we can use cookies to store preferences and settings, assist with website login and provide analysis of our website’s performance. Normally you can control the interaction of cookies with your device. Please see the help text associated with your specific device for more details on this.

Information We Collect & How We Use It

We collect information from our website visitors in order to improve the website experience and to personalise and improve the services we offer. This information is collected when you visit the site and also when you register or login to the website. We will also use the information to communicate with you via product announcements and other updates that we will periodically send out.

Sharing The Information We Collect

We do not share your personal information with any 3rd parties unless you already have an existing relationship with that 3rd party. For example if you are an existing client of one of our authorised resellers and you register an interest in learning more about one of our products then we may advise that reseller of your interest so that they can better serve you and address your query.

Your Right To Opt Out

You may opt out of receiving emails, newsletters or other promotional material from [email protected] at any time. Details on how to do this are contained in all marketing communications that we send.

App Privacy Policy

  1. Product Ownership:
  2. Data
    • The [email protected] App enables employees, customers, and subcontractors of licensed end users to submit forms and authorize forms containing data such as expenses, absence requests, sales, time spent on projects, and any other data appropriate to forms configured by licensed end users using [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
    • Data are stored in MS SQL databases and document folders (images, documents, etc.)
    • Licensed end users of [email protected] software products manage their own databases and folders on their own premises, or using subcontracted IT infrastructure, or access databases hosted by [email protected] or by resellers of [email protected] software products
  3. Consent
    • In all cases licensed end users are data controllers and accept full responsibility for the data they store in [email protected] databases.
    • Licensed end users of [email protected] software are therefore, as data controllers, required to obtain the consent of their employees, customers and subcontractors to the storage of data submitted by users of the [email protected] App, ensure its protection, enable its deletion if this is legitimately requested and to notify the appropriate authorities of any notifiable breaches of security.
    • [email protected] is obliged to provide the software tools and/or support to ensure that licensed end users can discharge their responsibilities in respect of privacy, protection and breach notification
  4. Provision of data to third parties
    • The [email protected] App contains no mechanism for the passing of data to any third party. All data submitted through the [email protected] App remain entirely and only under the control of the licensed end user.
    • If the licensed end user provides data submitted through the [email protected] App to any third party it does so at its own discretion and is presumed to have obtained permission from its users to do so
  5. App user rights
    • Licensed end users are required to comply with all regulations relating to the rights of [email protected] App users to request deletion of their data
  6. Updates to this Privacy Policy
    • Licensed end users will be notified by email of any changes to this or any other privacy policy related to use of the [email protected] App

Further Questions

If you any questions or comments relating to this statement then please Contact Us.