Recording Corporate Gifts And Hospitality

We have previously written on the implications of the Bribery Act for employee expense claims, however there are many additional situations where organisations may wish to keep a log of Hospitality and Gifts either received by Employees or provided to Clients.

A practical example of how this might be done is illustrated in the series of screenshots shown below.

[email protected] and [email protected] can be configured to include forms such as a Hospitality and Corporate Gifts form. This form can be made available to all Employees or just those individuals likely to use its functionality.

The form can be configured to capture as much or as little information as required depending on organisational requirements. For example in the form below we can see that the employee is required to complete details on the Client, the Gift Type, the Gift Reason and the Gift Recipient as well as details on the cost.

The form can then be routed to a line manager if required….

And then (perhaps depending on some predefined limit), onto the Compliance Department….