Access Expense Forms From Any Location

Because [email protected] is browser based it can be deployed within your organisation but still be available to employees in any location.


[email protected] supports HTTPS and also VPN based setup and access can also be granted over mobile devices using the [email protected] Mobile App.

The [email protected] Mobile App allows organisations that have implemented¬†[email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] to deploy those applications to their employees mobile phones. The App is available on both iOS (download the [email protected] App for iOS)¬†and Android (download the [email protected] App for Android).

Administrators can limit the forms and data that is available on the mobile device and allow employees to partially complete and upload receipts and data which can then be completed on the desktop or laptop. Alternatively forms can be immediately submitted for approval when uploaded from the mobile device. Employees can also use their mobile device to work on forms already started on their desktop or laptop and Managers can also approve forms from their mobile device.

To learn more about using the [email protected] App with your existing implementation or to try our online demonstration please Contact Us.