Entering Expenses Forms And Timesheets As A Proxy

An [email protected] user may enter expenses, forms or timesheets on behalf of another. In this case he or she is acting as an Employee’s ‘Proxy’.

A Proxy may also enter his or her own expenses, and even though an Employee may have a Proxy he or she may still enter his or her own expenses.

A proxy can enter data on behalf of another user.


Clicking on New Form results in the display of a list of Employees. This list will include the Proxy (so that they can enter their own expenses) and any Employee for which they are defined as Proxy.

The fields displayed in this list are determined by the Workbench Parameters in [email protected] Maintenance.

Once the Proxy selects the employee they want to enter data on behalf of they will then see a list of available forms for that Employee.

A proxy enters data on behalf of another expense software or forms software user.

After the data has been entered the form can be submitted for the employee to check or alternatively they can bypass the employee and be sent straight for authorisation.