Tracking The Carbon Footprint Of Employee Expenses


Organisations are increasingly recognising the important role that employees play in implementing effective carbon management programmes.

[email protected] software allows organisations and employees to track and report on their carbon footprint as they submit data through [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Corporate employee travel is a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint tracking tool in [email protected] software provides a simple and highly effective method of monitoring employee emissions.

Our carbon footprint tracking functionality enables organisations to monitor the environmental impact of employee travel and business activity. The tool provides meaningful and immediate feedback for staff and assists in promoting the behavioural changes which are a vital component of Carbon Management Programmes.

Tracking Carbon Emissions On An Expense Claim

The carbon footprint tool can be used as part of an organisations Carbon Management Programme or can be implemented as a simple feedback mechanism to assist in influencing employee behaviour.

Carbon Footprint By Employee


The essential ingredient in implementing an effective carbon management programme is to ensure that the tools are in place to provide accurate and relevant measurements.

The calculation algorithms in [email protected] software can be tailored to suit operational requirements and deliver an immediate impact on behaviour. Measurements can then be refined and adjusted over time to reflect an evolving carbon management policy.

For example in an initial implementation it may be sufficient to score flights based on a simple “Long Haul or Short Haul” question on an expense claim form. As requirements evolve the scoring can be adjusted to reflect exact miles travelled.

Similarly, car mileage scores can be based on broad vehicle types (e.g. SUV, Saloon, Compact, and Hybrid) and approximate mileage bands. Alternatively calculations can be very specific by holding precise car details on the employee record and calculating exact CO2 emissions based on miles travelled and engine type.

Carbon Footprint By Location

Key Benefits

  • Immediate & relevant CO2 scoring for employees.
  • Detailed management reports calculate emissions and recommend offsets.
  • Demonstrates organisational commitment to carbon emission management.