Using Read Only Fields On Travel Authorisation Forms

It is sometimes necessary to have fields on an a form that are “read only” for some or all employees. A good example of this is where you might use a form for travel authorisation and then wish to use that same form to process the final expense claim.




In the above screenshot (click image to enlarge) we can see that an employee is entering details into a Travel Request Form. However the “Approved?” field is not available for the employee to select a value for. You can also see on this form that the employee has a field into which they can enter an estimated amount of expenditure.



Once the Travel Request form is opened by the manager for approval the “Approved?” field is actionable and the manager can then indicate whether the travel request is authorised or not. The form can then be returned to the employee (who will still not be able to edit the “Approved?” field and they can then resubmit the form with the actual amount of expenditure once the trip has been completed.