Adjusting Calculations For Invoicing

Before using the Invoicing program you must make some adjustments to Calculations to enable Discounting during the invoicing process.

You must decide which numeric values are to be used to specify discounts.

You may choose to enable discounting by FX value or by Local value or by both or other values.

In order to enable discount entry you should choose Proportional Discount for the Discount Method and check the Discount Entry Checkbox.

You should do this both for the Calculations to which Timesheet and Expense Form Calculations are mapped and for the underlying source calculations, for example:

– Actual Fees FX
– Actual Fees Local
– Expense Net
– Local Net
– Inv Net FX
– Inv Net Local

You must also specify which calculations should be recalculated during discounting. For example, VAT and Total calculations (VAT + Net) cannot simply be discounted in proportion, since there might be consequential rounding errors leading to imbalance.

– Inv VAT Local
– Inv Total Local
– Actual Fees VAT
– Actual Fees Total
– Local VAT
– Local Total

There are some values that you will not discount at all, such as VAT Rate.

Finally you may need to specify some rules to ensure the correct calculation of values such as VAT at ‘document’ as opposed to ‘line’ level.

When VAT is calculated on each line the effect of summarizing VAT across all the lines in an invoice may be different from the effect of calculation VAT from a summarized net value.

[email protected] enables the correct calculation of VAT and Total if you specify some Document Rounding rules.

– Inv VAT Local
– Inv Total Local