Allowing Employees To Generate Their Own Timesheets

Versions 3.3 and greater of [email protected] enable employees to generate timesheets for future periods and to also regenerate timesheets for previous periods (this is useful for example if they have made a mistake in a previous timesheet).

An employees ability to Generate or Regenerate Timesheets is controlled in System Parameters on the Timesheets Tab:

PSW Generation Periods Number: – The value in this field controls how many periods in advance an employee can generate a timesheet for. A value of 0 means that no timesheets can be generated.

Allow Regeneration Of Timesheets: – By ticking the options in this box you are determining upto what stage in a Timesheets lifecycle an employee can regenerate a timesheet that he/she has previously submitted.

For example, ticking the first 3 options would allow an employee to regenerate their timesheet at anytime before the original timesheet was Posted.

Access to this functionality can also be turned off for specific employees on the Timesheets Tab of the individual employee record.