An Introduction To Approvals

Timesheet and Expense forms are optionally routed for authorisation and review after Employee entry. These authorisation stages are document based.

Once Timesheets and/or Expenses have been posted to the Project Ledger they can further be approved by other managers (either Employees and/or Client Employees) before being invoiced or exported.

There are thus three phases of ‘approval’.

1. Timesheet and Expense Form Authorisation and Review.
2. Project (Work in Progress) Approval.
3. Invoice Approval and Review.

The first and third of these are described elsewhere. The the setting up of Project Approval. Setting Up Project Approval involves the following:

1. Defining Approval Statuses and Values
2. Defining Approval Roles
3. Defining Approval Profiles
4. Using the Task Scheduler to generate Approval Notifications
5. Approvals and Invoicing