Audit Capabilities In [email protected] Software

The following is a summary of the audit capabilities in our software.

  • Audit of authorisation, review and confirmation (for Proxies) via status history of forms in progress.
  • Audit on posted transactions changes, controlled by the Ledger Modification Parameters.
  • Audit on Employee records via Employee History covering a set number of fields.
Employee History

Employee History


  • Audit on usage of Identity Switch.
    • User who used Identity Switch.
    • Which user the identity was switched to.
    • How long the identity switch lasted.
    • Computer from which the Identity Switch was run.
  • Audit on the usage of Inquiries (Ledger Modification, Ledger Export, Inquiries, Status Inquiries).
    • Employee/User and report run Time of run.
    • Execution duration.
    • Template (if used).
    • Number of rows returned
  • SQL Query executed (it can be optionally enabled).
  • Audit on employees who log in to the PSW, Maintenance and Task Scheduler (Login record).
  • Audit on Approvals.
  • Audit on Workflow Control, (who used it, when and to whom a Form was reassigned).
  • Review of changes to Value Tables using the Period From column. By listing the Value Tables and sorting on the desired column (for example Table Definition) you can then review the From Period column to see all the additions that have been made to the Value Table entries.
Value Tables

Value Tables