Controlling Visibility Of Reports In [email protected] Software

Reporting Module

To control the visibility of the Reporting Module to all users or specific users of the system you should review the PSW Options Tab. This tab is available in:

  • System Parameters
  • Company Parameters
  • On The Employee Record

Please note that settings on the Employee Record override all settings on the Company Record or System Parameters.

Depending on the type of reports that you want to be visible you may need to select all or some of Published Reports, Immediate Reports, Active Schedules or Status Reports (These naming conventions may be different depending on Data Dictionary settings in your setup). Items on the right are visible, items on the left are invisible. In the screenshot below all options are available to all employees unless there specific settings on the Company or Employee record.






Individual Reports

If a user has access to Reporting functionality but there are specific reports that you want them to be able to see or not see then this is controlled on the specific Report/Inquiry Settings. You can explicitly make a report available to some employees or employee groups. If there is no Employee or Groups selected then the report is available to everyone. In the screenshot below, (Step 6) you can see that this report is visible to everyone in the Management Group plus Arthur Alberts.



To control members of specific groups visit the Employee Groups section.