Immediate Routing Failed


Occasionally you may find that forms or timesheets, whilst successfully submitted, have not been routed to the next stage of the workflow process (for example Authorisation or Review).

Sometimes but not always, you may receive a message such as...

This Form has been successfully submitted. Immediate Routing Failed. Please wait for background routing to execute.

Typically Routing and Posting are tasks that happen automatically in the background (this is controlled on the Additional Tab of System Parameters).

There are occasions however when the Task Scheduler also carries out Routing and Posting.

The above error typically happens on the rare occasion when Automatic Routing coincides with Task Scheduler Routing. Because Routing can only be carried out by one process at a time, the above error is simply advising you that Task Scheduler routing is in progress.

Resolving The Issue

Typically, no action is needed as a result of this message because the Task Scheduler routing will pick up the form or timesheet in question during the next routing cycle (the frequency of these cycles is controlled in the Task Scheduler but is typically every 15 to 20 minutes).

In the event that you need to route the form immediately then you can always invoke routing manually using the Routing option in the Procedures section of the Maintenance Application or via the Administration Console in the Browser.