Installing & Configuring IIS In High Volume Implementations

[email protected] and [email protected] version 4.6 and above support 64 bit architecture and it is recommended that the 64 bit PSW is installed for all clients using this version. When using this version, the pool size is almost unlimited and we would suggest that an allocation of approximately 1GB of Ram per 250 – 300 users.

When using the 32 but web application pool, the maximum addressable RAM size is approximately 1.2GB and beyond this the application pool can become unstable. Our tests have shown that this level of Ram Usage can be reached if between 300 and 400 users are simultaneously completing timesheets or expense forms. Additionally this level of Ram Usage can be reached with very large web reports.

For clients who are forced to remain on the 32 bit architecture the solutions are:

– Configure AppPool recycle if the memory usage size reaches 1.1GB. This will avoid any error messages but will result in all users being logged off the system. For that reason this is not a recommended approach.

– The other option is to create 2 or more separate websites with separate appPools each for approximately 300 users (concurrent connections).