Introduction To Access Profiles

Access Profiles define the screens, tabs, and access rights within screens, which are available to Maintenance App Users. An Access Profile may be associated with a particular User through User Definition.

Granting Access To Screens

You may use the Wizard to expand and contract the menu tree in the panel and, by checking the fields, to grant a user access to a group of screens or to a particular screen.

Access Rights

You may further specify whether Create, Edit or Delete rights are granted (if they are appropriate). Rights to view data are assumed. The right to Create implies the right to Edit. If you want to apply the same set of rights to a group of screens then the group level name must be current in the panel, and you should use the Apply Down button.


You may also control the Tabs available on a form by Checking or Unchecking the checkbox against each Tab name. Note that some Tabs are mandatory.

Access Profile Name

You may give a particular access profile any name. This is the name you will associate with Users during User definition. (Note: An Administrator profile with full rights is delivered with the system and may not be modified).

Setting Up Users

[email protected] and [email protected] are accessible only to named users. Each user may be associated with an Access Profile defining the screens he or she may see and the access rights available to him or her on each screen (e.g. Create, Delete, etc.).

Additionally each User may be given Access Rights to individual Employee, Client, Project and Value Table records. Each User may access one of these records if the Data Access Category Value on the record is included in the list of Data Access Values specified for the User.

Furthermore, specific Data Access Category Values can be assigned to a User so that when the User creates an Employee, Client, Project or Value Table record these values can be automatically assigned to the record.


– User Name – Enter the User Name

– Full Name – Enter the Full Name of the User

– Password – Enter a Password

– Confirm Password – Confirm the Password

– Access Profile – Select the Access Profile for this User

– Language – Select the language in which this User will view the system

– Logged On – This field is checked if the user is currently logged on to the system.

– Email – Enter the email address of the User. This is used for notifying the User of Invoices requiring Approval or Review.