Invoice Approval Roles

If you do not want to assign a particular Employee to the job of Approving invoices for a particular group of Projects, you may alternatively define a Role and then assign one or more Employees to this Role. This has the advantage of greater flexibility, especially if the Employee assigned to the Role changes.

For example:

You might wish to specify that an Employee will Review invoices for some Projects.

You would start by setting up a particular Employee as a User (in the Maintenance Application).

You then set up a new Role called Project Invoice Approver which is assigned at Project level. In other words whoever is assigned to this Role is assigned to it in respect of a particular Project.

Once we have established this Role we must also record, at system level, that this Role is to be used to determine who Approves invoices.

Having specified that the system should always evaluate Project Invoice Approver when considering whether a Project invoice should be approved and who should approve it, we must then specify who fulfils this Role in respect of certain Projects.

Note that if this Role is not assigned on a Project then there will be no invoice approval for the Project.

The specification of Roles and Users in respect of Invoice Reviewer follows the same pattern.