Mapping Reference Analysis To Transaction Analysis

This article outlines how Reference Analysis such as Employee Analysis Values can be mapped to a Transaction Analysis Values in [email protected] and [email protected]

In [email protected] and [email protected] there are 4 types of Analysis Definitions:

Employee (40)
Activity (20)
Client (20)
Project or Expense Type (40)

Only Activity Analysis is posted to the Project Ledger and this means that when reporting for example the Values for the Employee, Client and Project/Expense are referenced at the time of the report being run. This allows data to be remapped and analysed in different ways after posting.

If there is a requirement to carry a particular type of analysis (lets say Employee Department) to the Project Ledger so that the value is retained even if changes are subsequently made then [email protected] and [email protected] have functionality which enables you to do this.

1. Setup an Activity Analysis Code (A-Code) using Analysis Definitions.

2. Use the “Copy Definition From” option to select (for example) the Employee Analysis Code (E Code) that you want the value to be copied from.

3. Now when transactions are posted the Value of the Employee Analysis is written to the Project Ledger and is unchanged even if the original Employee Analysis code is changed.

Reports can then be written to include the A code rather than the E Code to analyse transactions.