Using The [email protected] Mobile Application

If you wish to obtain a trial login for the mobile application please Contact Us.


You can download the [email protected] Mobile Application via the Apple & Google App Stores.

The Mobile App can be configured to send the form directly for authorisation or alternatively it can be uploaded to your desktop for submission later.

The system can also be configured to allow Authorisations via the App.

You can learn more about the [email protected] Mobile App here.

The app communicates with [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] using Web Services and the settings for the mobile app are configured on the Additional Tab in System Parameters and the Main Tab of Form Type.





After downloading the application to your device you will log in using the credentials provided to you by [email protected] or your Administrator.


iPhone App 01


Entering A Claim – Select A Form

Depending on the setup you will start by selecting a form to use (there may be multiple forms available).


iPhone App 02


Entering A Claim – Form Completion

The fields that appear on the mobile app form will be downloaded from the servers and reflect your data capture requirements. In this screenshot taken from the demonstration system you will see a typical expense form which allows data to be entered and an image or audio note to be captured with your device.


iPhone App 03


Entering A Claim – Capture An Image


iPhone App 04


Entering A Claim – Edit Your Image

iPhone App 06

Entering A Claim – Record An Audio Note

iPhone App 08


Entering A Claim – Select An Expense Type


iPhone App 09

Entering A Claim – Select Your Receipt Type


iPhone App 10


Entering A Claim – Enter The Claim Amount

Press the validate field if you wish to check that everything has been entered correctly. This also updates the VAT calculation if appropriate.


iPhone App 11


Entering A Claim – Upload

You can send your claim for authorisation by clicking the Upload button.


iPhone App 12