Read Only Settings

[email protected] and [email protected] allow you to make certain fields and calculations read only. This can be required if you do not wish to allow employees to edit certain fields (for example on an imported Credit Card Statement).

If you want to protect certain fields then there are a number of options you can invoke to achieve this.

On the Expense Form Type (Main Tab) you can invoke the “Suppress Authorisation Modification” and “Suppress Review Modification” options. This will prevent an Authoriser or Reviewer from modifying the form submitted by an employee.

On the Expense Form Type (Calculations Tab) you can mark any calculation as being editable (by ticking Entry) or not editable (by removing the tick). In the case of Credit Card forms for example, any Calculation which held values which had been imported from the Bank could have the Entry option unticked. This would prevent an employee from amending any of these figures.

On the Expense Form Type (Read Only Settings Tab) you can mark any of the fields on the form as being Read Only.