Reminders And Notifications

[email protected] and [email protected] can be configured to send reminder emails to Employees and Authorisers/Reviewers. These reminders (or Notifications as they are known) are different and separate from the Transmission Texts which are initially sent to the Employee or Authoriser/Reviewer.

Notifications are managed through the Task Scheduler (full details on configuring the Task Scheduler are contained in the Task Scheduler Guide.

To setup Notifications in the Task Scheduler involves 3 steps.

Notification Setup

1. Create a Task Type of Notifications (you can set the Task Name as you wish).

Notifications Schedule

2. Set the Schedule (ie how often do you want users to be reminded.

Notifications Properties
3. Set the Properties of the Notifications, ie for which events will Notification reminders be sent.

Wording Of Notifications

Unlike Transmission Text, the wording of Notifications is handled in the Data Dictionary. You can amend the terms used by default by either editing the default Data Dictionary or creating a new Data Dictionary and applying this as the Data Dictionary for your organisation.

Data Dictionary Notification Changes