Reposting Timesheets


Sometimes Administrators may need to repost timesheet data. This might occur, for example, when it is found that the timesheet data previously posted was incorrect.

Provided no action has been taken on the original timesheet then it is simply a matter or regenerating the timesheet for the period in question and then once it has been completed and authorised as necessary, submitting it for posting. This will then overwrite the previous version of the timesheet. Note that the Administrator will be required to confirm that they wish to overwrite the old timesheet by going to the Posting & Validation section in Maintenance (Procedures Section).

If action has been taken on the timesheet, for example if it has been modified using Ledger Modification or if it has been “deleted” using Ledger Modification then it is not normally possible to overwrite the timesheet (see exception below for users of Version 4.8 and above) using this method.


Some Records Are Already Allocated

Records Already Allocated

If a timesheet has been modified or deleted using Ledger Modification then [email protected] will not allow the timesheet to be overwritten. Most likely an Administrator will see a message such as “Some records are already allocated for Employee xxx and Timesheet Period YYYYXXX. Cannot post”

Why is this?

By default, [email protected] will seek to maintain the consistency and integrity of the data originally posted. This is best illustrated with an example:

  • Employee posts 8 hours against Project A.
  • Administrator uses Ledger Modification to change this to Project B.

In [email protected], this would result in:

  • Project A: +8 hours
  • Project A: – 8 hours (Changing the hours to Project B results in negative 8 hours being posted against Project A)
  • Project B: + 8 hours

Now let’s suppose that the employe who originally submitted the timesheet contacts the administrator after this and advises them that the entire timesheet was wrong and they would like the timesheet regenerated and they will then resubmit.

This is of course possible in [email protected] so let’s assume that the employee booked the 8 hours originally entered against Project A against Project C.

If [email protected] allowed this timesheet to be posted and thus override the original one you would end up with the following:

  • Project C: +8 hours
  • Project A: – 8 hours (from the original reversal done by the Administrator).

Clearly this is not desirable because it could result in accurate reports and so when the timesheet gets to the Posting stage, the warning message shown in the screenshot above would be displayed.

For those with a technical interest in the way changes are tracked, this screenshot from the SQL Table illustrates what is happening. In this example an employee entered 8 hours per day for 5 days against Project 103-001. The Administrator then deleted these lines using Ledger Modification resulting in the negative reversing lines being added. [email protected] uses what are called Allocation Markers (last 3 columns on the right) to match the original lines with the reversing lines and thus prevent any overwriting of these lines.

SQL Allocation Markers



For users of [email protected] below version 4.8 the most appropriate solution is to Archive the Original Transactions and the Reversing Transactions. This is achieved by creating an Archive Ledger in the setup section of [email protected] (if one does not already exist) and then creating an Archiving Profile (similar to an Inquiry Profile) which allows the Administrator to select the transactions to be archived. In the example below we have created a Profile which will use Timesheet Period and Employee Name as runtime parameters……



When the Archive Profile is run we will select Timesheet Period “2016001” and the Employee “Stephen Hughes” and all of the Transactions relating to that Timesheet Period/Employee combination (both the original time and reversing transactions) will be archived…..

Archive Finished


Once this has been done, the newly generated timesheet can be posted.


Alternative Solution In Version 4.8 And Above

In version 4.8 and above it is possible (as an alternative to Archiving) to post multiple timesheets for the same employee in the same Timesheet Period. This is enabled by going to the Timesheet Type in Settings and then enabling the Allow Multiple Posting option.

Allow Multiple Posting