Running Drilldown Reports From Inside A Timesheet

One of the exciting new features in [email protected] (and [email protected] or [email protected]) is the ability to run drilldown reports from inside a timesheet or form. While this article uses timesheets as an example, the same approach can be used to deliver similar functionality to expense forms or other workflow documents.

On the timesheet below you can see that there is a new column called Subreport…..


Clicking the subreport icon on any line results in a report appearing which for the Project in question (in this case 100-001) will show all the time that has been booked against it by this employee (0001 – Stephen Hughes). What information appears on this report is customisable….



To add a subreport to a timesheet an Administrator will need to go to the Timesheet Type setup and add the Inquiry Profile that they wish to be associated with the Subreport…..




Most Administrators will be familiar with how to setup an Inquiry Profile, however as an example you can see in the screenshot below how the selection criteria for this Inquiry Profile have both Employee and Project set as runtime parameters. In other words the report is being told to take the Current Employee (the one running the report) and the Project from the line where the report is run from. The 2nd screenshot shows the fields that will be returned and these can of course be tailored to suit your requirements.