Runtime Variables In Web Reports

Since the introduction of version 4 of [email protected] and [email protected] it has been possible to run Inquiry profiles via the web. A common approach with Inquiries is to insert run time parameters so that the user is prompted to select filters at runtime. Not all fields that are available as runtime parameters in the Maintenance Application can be used in the web reports. Currently (Version 4.7) the following are a list of the fields that can be used as runtime parameters via the web:

+ Employee & Employee Name
+ Employee Company & Employee Company Name
+ Project & Project Name
+ Project Company & Project Company Name
+ Task & Task Name
+ Client & Client Name

Validated values
+ Accounting Period
+ Timesheet Period
+ Analyses (Validated)
+ Document Type
+ Status
+ Role
+ Expense Type
+ Account Codes
+ Approval Status value
+ Transaction Type

Validated values with Not validated option
+ Analyses (Not Validated)

Not validated values
+ Reference
+ Accounting Period Analyses
+ Timesheet Period Analyses
+ Document Row
+ Export sequence
+ Invoice Reference
+ Time Allocation Date
+ Time Allocation Marker

+ Transaction Date
+ Entry Date