Setting Up Distribution Masks

Before setting up Distribution Masks you must think very carefully about how you want to classify Employees and Projects.

You might classify both Employees and Projects by Location. Generally your Employees work on Projects which are run from the same Location.

You might also classify both Employees and Projects by Department. Generally your Employees work within one Department and Projects are related to one Department.

Assuming this is the case you will set up two sets of Distribution Masks. For Example:

Whilst in this Example database these values coincide with Analysis values this is not always the case.

Having identified these value, you must number them.

[email protected] allows 40 values for the classification of Projects and Employees.

Having established these values they can be set up using the Distribution Mask screen.

You must then decide how to classify each Project. And how to classify each Employee:

Note that you can define an Employee or Project as belonging to more than one Department or Location.

Once these values have been decided you can set them up on Employee and Project records.

Where the Distribution Masks of Employees and Projects match in at least one value for each Group (Location and Department) a Project is made available to an Employee.

For Example, take Employee Muller working on the Oil Intnl Project…..

Even though there is a coincidence of values for Location there is no coincidence for Department. This means that Friedrich Muller will not have access to this project.

Explicit Project Lists

In deciding which Projects to supply to each Employee the Generation program first takes account of Distribution Masks. (If there are no Distribution Masks then every Employee will receive every Project unless explicit Project lists exist.)

(Note that you may specify on the System Parameters record that all Employees will have access to all open Projects.)

You may supplement the effect of Distribution Masks by specifying Projects to be supplied to Employees explicitly at three levels:

– On the System Parameters record you can specify Projects which every Employee in the system will receive.

– On Company records you can specify Projects which every Employee in the Company will receive.

– On an Employee record you can specify particular Projects that a particular Employee will receive.

Note that you can also specify that the Project should always be shown in a row in the Timesheet without needing to be selected.

When an Employee is assigned to a Role on a Project record then the Project is automatically added to the explicit list of Projects on the Employee record.