Status Inquiries


In [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] you can report on the Status of Forms and Timesheets using the Status Inquiry function in the Maintenance Application or via the browser.


Reports can then be run showing the status and workflow and authorisation history of any form, timesheet or other document.



Status Values

Every form in [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] has a Status associated with it and this status changes as forms are Routed, Validated and Posted in the system. [email protected] software maintains a record of all statuses that a form or timesheet had throughout its journey through the system.

This means that while a form or timesheet will, over time, have had many statuses, at any given time it will only have one current status . So if you wished to see only the current status of forms you would add a filter to your Status Inquiry of (Current Status = True). Leaving this filter off has the effect of returning the history of a form, ie all its past statuses (Current Status = False) and its current status.

Note – For those interested in reporting directly from SQL, this setting is reflected in the table TS_IN_PROGRESS and the field Current_Status will have a value of either True or False.



While every form can only have one Current Status, the status itself will vary as a form or timesheet journeys through the system.

The most common status values are….

  • Issued – this is the status of a form or timesheet that has been generated but not yet been submitted for authorisation.
  • Web Entry Complete – this is the status of a form which has been submitted but not yet routed to an authoriser.
  • Issued For Authorisation – this is the status of a form which is awaiting authorisation by another user (such as a manager).

The following selection, would for example return all forms or timesheets which are currently waiting to be authorised.


Note – For those interested in reporting directly from SQL, this setting is reflected in the table TS_IN_PROGRESS and the field Status will have a numeric value. The statuses associated with this numeric value are held in the table TS_IN_PROGRESS_STATUSES


The following are further examples of status values:

Proxy Entry

– Issued by Proxy (New Expense Form by Proxy)
– Proxy Entry Complete (Expense Proxy Submission)
– Returned to Proxy (Expense Confirmation, Authorisation or Review)

Employee Entry

– Issued (Generation or New Expense Form)
– Web Entry Complete (Timesheet or Expense Entry via Browser)
– Issued for Confirmation (Routing)
– Returned to Employee (Routing)
– Returned from Confirmation (Expense Entry via Browser)
– Web Confirmation Complete (Expense Confirmation via Browser)


– Issued for Authorisation (Routing)
– Web Authorisation Complete (Timesheet Authorisation via Browser)
– Returned from Web Auth(Timesheet or Expense Authorisation via Browser)
– Returned to Authorising Employee (Routing)


– Issued for Review (Routing)
– Web Review Complete (Expense Review via Browser)
– Returned from Web Review (Expense Review via Browser)

Posting and Validation

– Before Validation (Routing)
– Posted (Posting and Validation)
– Cancelled (Routing/Posting and Validation)

Journal Entry

– Directly Entered Expenses (Journal Entry)

Timesheet Entry

– Direct Entry Complete (Timesheet Entry)
– Direct Authorisation Complete (Timesheet Entry)