Task Scheduler Automated Routing Has Stopped

The Task Scheduler can be configured to run as a windows application or as a windows service. The latter has the benefit of ensuring that the process starts again following a reboot of the server. However sometimes this service which handles the Routing and Posting of expense forms and/or timesheets may stop.

Typically this is caused when there is an error in the service (sometimes caused by a service conflict or an automated windows update etc).

We recommend the following tests and actions as first steps towards correcting the problem.

Check Services

Check windows services to see if the service is running. Normally the service will be named as follows:

For [email protected] Users: – EXP_TaskScheduler(XXXX#YYYY) where XXXX is the name of your server and YYYY is the name of your eXpense database.

For [email protected] Users: – TAW_TaskScheduler(XXXX#YYYY) where XXXX is the name of your server and YYYY is the name of your eXpense database.

Open The Task Scheduler Application

Often it is possible to restart the service by opening the Task Scheduler application and restarting the service. Please revisit Test 1 (above) after you have done this to ensure the services are now running correctly.

Uninstall The Service

If the above 2 approaches yield no results then you should uninstall your current services by running Uninstall_Services.exe from the Task Scheduler folder. This folder is located in your Program Files directory.

Once this has been done setup the Task Scheduler again.

Contact Support

If none of the above approaches work then please contact your support provider or [email protected] Support.

When contacting us please provide full details of the problem you are experiencing and also attach a copy of the services.cfg file for the service.

This file will be contained in the ‘[email protected] TaskScheduler’ or ‘[email protected] TaskScheduler’ directory depending on whether you are using [email protected] or [email protected]