Time Allocation Markers

[email protected] and [email protected] use Time Allocation Markers to assist with Audit Control on Ledger Modifications to transaction lines.

Using Ledger Modification Parameters you can control the fields which will be subject to Audit in the event they are amended (for example Project Code).

So for example any Ledger Modifications done which involve a change in Project will result in Time Allocation Markers being written to the original transaction and the reversing entry.

If you were to change the Project on a Transaction Lines from Credit Risk to Special Projects:

– A new line is written to the Project Ledger for Credit Risk which is equal and opposite to the original line.

– This new Line and the original line both have a Time Allocation Marker of “C” a Time Allocation Reference of (for example) “8” (this increments each time there are changes) and a Time Allocation Date showing when the change was made.

– A new line is written to the Project Ledger for the Special Projects line.

– If previously exported then the original line and the reversing line for Credit Risk both retain their export sequence marker.

– The new line for Special Projects has the same export sequence marker.

– The reversing line and the new line can be grouped (for example for export purposes) based on The Source Procedure and Audited Modification fields.