Setting Up [email protected] and [email protected] For Credit Card Import

Many organizations provide their employees with credit cards for use on company business, for travel, entertainment, and other goods and services.

Most credit card companies produce monthly statements of expenses incurred by each card holder, and these statements, available in electronic format, can be imported into [email protected] or [email protected], for completion by the card holder through the addition of other relevant information (reason, cost centre, etc.).

In order to make this possible, you must set the system up as follows:

1. Define each credit card type (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc).

2. Specify the credit card numbers for the credit card each Employee possesses.

3. Define an Analysis Definition into which the unique reference field which every credit card statement contains will be imported.

4. Define an Expense Form Type for presenting credit card statements to Employees.

Setting Up Credit Card Types

You must define each Credit Card Type that an Employee might possess and for which you can obtain electronic statements.

Setting Up Employee Credit Cards

For each Employee who possesses one or more credit cards you must define an Employee Credit Card record. This will enable you to specify a credit card numbers for the Employee for each Credit Card Type you have defined.

Note that credit card numbers must be unique for each type, that the numbers are held in encrypted format in the database and that you are able to set up more than one record for each Employee (he or she may possess more than one card of each type).

Defining An Analysis Definition To Contain A Unique Reference

You must use an Activity Analysis definition to contain the unique reference for each transaction in the import file.

Make sure that this is a Not Validated field.

Setting Up an Expense Form Type

You must set up an Expense Form Type in the usual way. However, you may want to bear the following in mind:

You should define the Expense Form Type as Suppressed for both Journal Entry and Expense Form Entry. This means that the Employee cannot choose this as an Expense Form Type after clicking on Start a New Expense Form.

Expense Forms created during Credit Card Import are presented to the Employee as Expense Forms in Progress.

None of the calculations defined for the Expense Form Type should be defined as Entry calculations. Values imported from an electronic credit card statement should not be modifiable.

The Expense Form Type should contain the Activity Analysis column you have just defined. This will hold the unique transaction reference.