Understanding And Resolving Ledger Export Problems

Sometimes there can be error messages generated during the export of data from [email protected] and [email protected] This article provides further information on the potential causes of this.

Ledger Export Errors

If errors such as ” invalid procedure or call argument ” or ” Object Variable …” or ” Object Variable or Block Variable ” are being generated then the following should be checked:

It is often the case that invalid ASCII characters are entered by employees into the notes on their expense claims or timesheets (the Euro Symbol is a common culprit) or alternatively it can occur with overseas based employees using particular language sets.

One easy way to check this is to open and validate the Temp.XML file with an XML editor or alternatively in Microsoft Excel. The offending character should be apparent with a scan of the fields (usually NOTES or LINKED TEXT).

Its also important to check that the person doing the Ledger Export has full READ/WRITE permissions to the following….

1. The [email protected] Maintenance or [email protected] Maintenance folder on the PC where the Maintenance Application is running.

2. The folder where the XSL Stylesheet being used is located.

3. The folder where the output file is being written to.