Using Roles To Restrict Data Access In Reports

In [email protected] and [email protected] it is possible to create reports and then filter the contents so that for example, a Line Manager might only see Time or Expense related information for people in their own team.

One way this can be achieved is to use the Roles function in [email protected] or [email protected] The steps are as follows:

Create an Employee Role of say “Line Manager” (Setup/Roles in Maintenance Application).

Assign employees to that Line Manager by going to the Role tab on each Employees Record (Maintenance/Employees in the Maintenance Application) and selecting their Line Manager.

Create an Inquiry Profile and for the Selection Criteria (Step 2) ensure that Employee (not Employee Name) is one of the Criteria. At the bottom of the employee list you will see the Role you created in 1 above and this should be selected (screenshot below). You should also ensure that the Report is being published to the Web as it is via the Browser that the Line Manager will see the real time report.

The effect of this selection is that the the system will determine the data included in the report by the Role of the person who is logged in and viewing the report.

Similarly you could restrict the data to that belonging to Employee viewing the report by using Current Employee as a filter.