Using Employee Photos


One of the ways in which you can personalise the employee experience in [email protected] software is to allow employees to assign a photograph of their choice to their user profile.

This article explains the steps that need to be taken.

Please note that only an employee can assign a photo to their profile. It is not something that is managed centrally (although it can be done by an Administrator using Identity Switch).

Step 1 - Enable "Show Employee Photo"

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Workbench Parameters Screen

Step 2 - Update Portal Settings

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Portal Settings Showing Photograph As Available For Update

Step 3 - Create An Error Table

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Employee "My Details" Options

The final step in the process is for the employee to select "My Details" via their browser and then select the Upload Photo option.

Step 4 - Additional Notes

Your IT Department will need to ensure that appropriate permissions are given to the Photos Folder (located in the PSW Web folder for your applicable application) to allow employees and IUSR to upload photos to it.

Further Reading

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