Using Splits

Sometimes you may wish to allow your employees to “split” the values on a form (for example a credit card form) across multiple Expense Types or Projects etc.

You can do this in [email protected] or [email protected] by invoking the “Splits” functionality. To do this proceed as follows…..

Choose the Calculation that you want to allow the split to be done against (typically this would be the Amount or Total field).

Find the Calculation on the form that corresponds to this. You can do this by going to Expense Form Type and on the Calculations Tab viewing the position of the Calculation.

Once you know the Calculation go to the Splits Tab on the same Expense Form Type and select the Calculation against which you wish to invoke the split. You do this by selecting “Entry” from the dropdown menu.

When a form is now opened in the Browser you will notice that the Column Heading is now a paler shad of blue than the other columns and this indicates that values in this column can now be split.

To split a line simply tick the box (on the left side of the line) and then click the Pale Blue Column heading.