Using Timesheet Control


Timesheet Control allows administrators to return or reassign timesheets. 

Step 1 - Open Timesheet Control

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Timesheet Control Is Available In Administration Console

In this example we are going to search for Timesheets related to employee Stephen Hughes.

Step 2 - View Search Results

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Search Results

Select a Timesheet that you want to Reassign or Return. The options that will be available in the next screen will be determined by your Routing Rules and the status of the timesheet.

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Timesheets Can Be Returned To Someone On The Routing Path

If a timesheet is still in progress through the system (for example awaiting authorisation), then you will have the option to reassign it to another authoriser.

If a timesheet has been posted then you will not have an option to reassign it (as there is no logical purpose in reassigning it. In this example the Reassign option will be greyed out). Instead you can only return it along the path of its previous routing. (Note - after you have returned it to someone you can reassign it if appropriate).

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Timesheets Can Be Reassigned Only To An Appropriate Action Employee

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In This Example Travis Brown Has An Appropriate Role

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We Can See That System Administrator Is Defined As An Alternative Authoriser

Further Reading

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