Version 4 Copying Activity Analysis

It has long been possible to define an Activity Analysis category in such a way that when Timesheets or Forms are posted, a current value on an Employee, Client or Project record will be copied to the transaction.

This enables ‘snapshots’ of values to be taken at the time of posting. This is important when recalculation must depend on values as they ‘were’ rather than as they ‘are’.

In Version 4 it is possible to copy from an activity analysis dimension to an Employee, Client, Project, Expense Type ([email protected] Only) or Task dimension.

One possible use of this might be to manage the update of analysis values using forms.

For example, suppose that the modification of an Employee Position value might be subject to approval workflow, a form could be defined to manage this.

You must then define the Employee Analysis category as to be copied from the Activity Analysis category.

You must also set up all the appropriate Activity Analysis Values. These will be the same as for the Employee Analysis Category.

Then you might define a Form that allows you to select an Employee and a new Employee Analysis Value.