Version 4 Unposted Actuals

Users often want to report on Timesheets and Forms that have not been posted (when they are at entry, authorisation or review stage).

Previously this was managed in Inquiry Profiles, (by selecting Unposted Actuals as a ledger) and in the background having the system read unposted forms and timesheets and post them to an interim ledger.

We have wanted to make this method more effective and less processor intensive and so in Version 4 the task of reading and posting unposted forms and timesheets had been moved to the Posting and Validation task, run by the Task Scheduler.

This may be run in two modes:

1. Changes in a form or timesheet status are detected and values revised in the Unposted Actuals ledger for a particular form or timesheet. This first mode is appropriate during working hours.

2. The entire Unposted Actuals ledger is recreated from unposted forms and timesheets. The second mode may be used daily (perhaps during night hours) to obtain a complete up to date picture of unposted actuals: