Announcing [email protected] Version 6

Version 5 of [email protected]’s [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] software was released at the end of 2015. It contained a number of significant enhancements which were very well received and implemented by our user community.

We are very pleased to announce that Version 6 will be released in July 2016 and will include a radical revision of the browser-based front end, replacing the various lists of functional options with dynamic tabs, panels, links, and shortcuts.

In developing Version 6 we have taken extensive feedback from our user community and also employed the talents of user interface experts. Our aim with this version has been fourfold:

  • To comply with current standards and graphical fashions.
  • To present the user more clearly with To Do lists for data submission and approval.
  • To enable navigation with fewer clicks.
  • To make navigation pages responsive to the user’s device (responsive design).

The result is a Home Page that is more pleasant to look at and much easier to use.

This is a screenshot from [email protected] (a similar look will be seen in [email protected] and [email protected]).



Version 6 will also contain the following enhancements:

  • A new reporting option that allows you to report on and export static data (such as Employees, Clients, Projects, Expense Types and Tasks/Reasons). This will be of particular benefit for integration.
  • For [email protected] Users, Credit Notes in the browser-based PSW.
  • Enhanced emailing options for Invoicing, including an option to select an Employee as a destination and to allow emailing to multiple email addresses.
  • Workflow Control for Timesheets to allow diversion of a timesheet from one authoriser to another.