Coronavirus Statement

Statement Regarding Our Preparations To Minimise The Impact To Clients Of Coronavirus & COVID-19 (“The Virus”)


[email protected] is committed to ensuring service continuity to its partners and clients due to the ongoing spread of The Virus.

While there is currently no indication of any impact on [email protected] operations, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide our clients and partners with information regarding our preparedness and our contingency arrangements in the event that the situation changes.

This document outlines a summary of our efforts across a multitude of scenarios including the necessity to react in the case of a pandemic event.

These efforts have focused on 4 areas:

1. Staff Communication

2. Contingency Planning For Support Services

3. Contingency Planning For Consultancy Services

4. Contingency Planning For Cloud Services

Staff Communication

Staff are regularly advised and updated on the medical advice and best practice regarding personal hygiene as a means of mitigating the risk of contracting The Virus. In addition, all staff have been advised on the protocols regarding self-isolation in the event that they are involved in a potential contamination incident. Staff have also been briefed on the communication protocols to be adopted in the event that they suspect exposure and we will contact all impacted parties and authorities immediately in the event of this occurring.

Contingency Planning For Support Services

We have reviewed and planned for scenarios where there is an impact due to The Virus on the locations from which we provide support services. In addition, we have planned for situations where there is an impact on the individuals who provide support services. We have planned and mitigated the risks from these events by ensuring that all staff have the ability to work remotely from home. This has been tested to scale. In addition, [email protected] maintains multiple geographic locations with individuals who have the ability to provide support and other services to our clients and partners and thus we are prepared for situations where individuals in a particular location are personally impacted by The Virus. In addition, our support services are already fully developed to provide remote assistance to clients and our employees have access to all needed resources from home or the office.

Contingency Planning For Consultancy Services

Currently, our Consultants are providing both onsite and offsite services. However, as the spread of The Virus continues, it is likely that the guidance from authorities will necessitate a reduction and potentially a ban on international travel (either in totality or to certain locations). In a worst-case scenario we have also planned for a complete ban on all onsite customer visits (either due to official advice, the wishes of our customers, or our own internal contingency planning). In this scenario we are fully prepared and ready to provide consultancy services using modern and scaleable communication and remote administration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype For Business, Webex, GoToMeeting, RDP, and Zoom).

Contingency Planning For Cloud Services

We continue to monitor the readiness of our Platform Providers on a regular basis. We have reviewed and discussed their contingency plans and are confident that there will be no disruption to Cloud Services based on the current best and worst-case scenario projections.


In conclusion, [email protected] is confident in its ability to ensure continued business operations across all aspects of our support and consultancy services with geographic diversity being a consideration. We will continue to put the safety and well-being of our staff, clients and partners at the forefront of any decisions taken.

We will make updates to this statement as the situation evolves.

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