December 2008 Vat Changes

On December 1st 2008 UK VAT is due to change from 17.5% to 15%. This article summarises the considerations which users of [email protected] and [email protected] will need to take into account in the setup of their systems.

The exact nature of the changes which will need to be made will depend on your System Setup but the following guidelines will be of general assistance:

Review Where The Vat Rate Is Currently Held

In some instances, the VAT value will be held as a Constant in the Calculations section of the Maintenance Application.

In some instances, the VAT value will be held as a Value Table which is referenced in a Value Hierarchy and a related Calculation.

Make Backups

Consider taking a backup of the database prior to making any changes. At a minimum we recommend that you take screenshots of the the settings you are about to change prior to carrying them out. This is particularly important as the rates are scheduled to return to 17.5% with effect from Jan 1 2010.

Making The Changes

Before making any changes its important to ensure that all pre Dec 1 2008 claims are posted. (This is because final calculations are carried out at the time of posting not the time of entry).

Where the VAT Rate is held as a constant in one of your calculations then depending on your setup this will either be a value .175 which will need to be changed to .15 or it may be the inverse (so for example 0.851063829787234 needs to become 0.869565217391304 etc).

Where the VAT Rate is held in a Value Table you should create a new one and on the Advanced tab ensure that the From Period is set to the appropriate accounting period from which the new rate will take effect. By doing this, all transactions prior to this set period will calculate with the old VAT Rate and those falling on or after the new period will calculate with the new VAT Rate.

Other Factors To Consider

Review whether any Reports or Invoice Templates have any Text Box’s which specify the VAT Rate.

In some complex implementations the XSL stylesheets which are used to format Exported Data may need to be amended by your consultant.

In some instances an Analysis Value on a Project or Client record is used to hold a VAT Rate.