Forum For The Future Implements [email protected]

The new time recording and client billing software is set to improve the time management and billing efficiency for over 75 users, helping to ensure that the charity’s resources are being used effectively. The new [email protected] software will integrate with Forum for the Future’s financial and management accounting software – SunAccounts – and will become an integrated part of its IT systems.

Forum for the Future works with 150 partner organisations in business and the public sector to find ways to build a future that is environmentally viable, socially just, and economically prosperous. Forum for the Future has been operating as a registered charity for 10 years and has more than 75 employees operating from two offices in Cheltenham and London.

John Bishop, IT Manager, Forum for the Future, comments, “Forum for the Future’s income primarily comes from grants for projects plus partnership fees from business and public sector organisations who work with us to develop their skills, tools and commitment to act more sustainably. It is vital for our status as a not-for–profit organisation that we can calculate and justify how many hours and what cost is going into any project. Our previous time management and billing system was causing us significant support issues, and was extremely difficult to work with technically.”

Bishop continues, “Touchstone Group presented us with [email protected] as the solution to our problems and after thorough evaluation, we decided to do a complete swap.”

Bishop concludes, “From the offset we have received a heightened level of support from the team at Touchstone Group. We are much more positive about [email protected]’s technical abilities and believe that it will perform to a much higher standard. After we have fully implemented the product, we predict that we will benefit greatly from a reduced number of support calls and as a result our IT will be able to operate more seamlessly, efficiently and proactively.”

Adrian McNay, Divisional Managing Director, Touchstone Group, adds, “We are still at the early stages with Forum for the Future, but we are working with them very closely to ensure that they receive the very best advice and support. This is a very extraordinary organisation. We are very impressed with the advice and guidance that they offer and understand their unique position in the not-for-profit sector. We look forward to guiding them through each phase of the project development.”

About Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future is the UK’s leading sustainable development charity. Our aim is to show that a sustainable future is both possible and desirable. We work with forward looking organisations in business and the public sector to find practical ways to build a future that is environmentally viable, socially just and economically prosperous.