Important Information About systems@work Mobile App Releases

The systems@work Mobile application is now being deployed in increasing numbers of organisations using our time@work, expense@work and forms@work Enterprise Applications.

With the increasing prevalence of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) in the corporate workplace and the automatic updates normally enabled on these devices, the rollout and upgrade of the mobile component of Enterprise Applications such as systems@work software must be managed in a controlled manner.

With this in mind we would like to advise our Clients and Partners on systems@work’s policies regarding updates to our mobile applications.

Release Candidate Versions

Prior to updating the live versions of our mobile app on the iPhone and Android App Stores, we will release an “RC” Version of the App which can coexist with the live version on a mobile device. This RC version will be released 21 days prior to the automatic update of the live Mobile Apps in order to allow our customers time to test the RC release.





During this 21 day window, you will be able to use both the RC systems@work Release App and the current systems@work Release App on your Phone at the same time with the same access credentials for your time@work, expense@work or forms@work system.

During the release window it is important that you test the RC candidate version on your system to ensure full compatibility as it will automatically be promoted to live at the end of the 21 day window. In the unlikely event that you do encounter any problems with the RC Version then it is important that you contact your service provider (either systems@work directly or your systems@work Authorised Partner) with details of the problem you have encountered.