Preparing For An Upgrade


This article is intended for customers of systems@work who are planning to upgrade their expense@work, time@work or forms@work system to the latest version. It provides details of the steps you need to take to prepare for the upgrade:

1. Please Review


2. Information To Send To systems@work

Please complete this Pre Installation Questionnaire.



3. Files To Send To systems@work

Please send us via

  • A zipped backup of your database.
    • This backup will be used by us to perform a test upgrade on our servers. When the live upgrade is carried out we will need to use a fresh copy of your live database.


  • A copy of all currently used Crystal and Microsoft Reporting Services Templates.
    • Depending on your current version these may need to be upgraded and should be forwarded to us for testing. You can find these templates in the following areas.
    • Firstly go to Inquiry Profiles and check to see which reports are using Templates.
    • Then EDIT each of the Inquiry Profiles and proceed to the screen which shows you the location of the template.



  • Your BlankEXP and/or BlankTSH templates.
    • The location of these can usually be determined by reviewing the FOLDERS TAB in SYSTEM PARAMETERS.



  • A copy of all currently used Stylesheets.
    • You can find the location of these by reviewing each of your Ledger Export Profiles.


  • Example export files from each of your Ledger Exports
    • We need this so we can compare the output following the upgrade.