[email protected] Android App Version 6.0.4 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 6.0.4 of the [email protected] Android App which can now be downloaded from the Google App Store.

The version has been numbered in line with the latest release of the core [email protected] software. Although the App is backwards compatible with previous iterations of 6.0.X, the new features detailed below will only be available on Version 6.0.4 of the core [email protected] software.

This new version of the App contains the following enhancements as well as several bug corrections:

  • Navigation arrows enable the easier editing of text fields
  • The default grouping option will now be taken from the [email protected] database (if the core software you are using is Version 6.0.4 or later)
  • The Memo header analysis field is filled with form number when data are downloaded to the App for authorisation if blank

To see a demonstration of the iPhone App please visit http://www.systemsatwork.co.uk/mobile/

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