[email protected] Company Weekend

Employees of [email protected] and LLP from around the world gathered in Frymburk recently for 4 days of brainstorming, product presentations and networking.

In addition to presentations on the soon to be released Version 4.8.2, there were a number of planning sessions focused on version 4.9 which will be released towards the end of 2014.

One of the most eagerly anticipated presentations was on the new iPhone App which is being released in July.


20140612 - Frymburk 000026


Adam showing the new Audio Recording feature in the new iPhone App.


20140612 - Frymburk 000033


Voting for Employee of the year.


20140612 - Frymburk 000028


Voting taking place for Project of the year.


20140612 - Frymburk 000019


Petr presenting some of the latest features in version 4.8.2


20140612 - Frymburk 000024


[email protected] and LLP staff see the new iPhone App for the 1st time.


20140612 - Frymburk 000020

Enjoying the football after a hard days work.