[email protected] iPhone App 6.0.4 Now On Pre-Release

A pre-release Version 6.0.4 of our [email protected] iPhone App has been released to the App Store. The version has been numbered in line with the latest release of the core [email protected] software.

This test version can be found as ‘RC [email protected]’ – (RC for Release Candidate).

You will be able to use both the RC [email protected] Release 6.0.4 App and the current [email protected] Release 6.0 App (or earlier releases) on your iPhone simultaneously, with the same access credentials to your [email protected] database.

If you experience any problems with Version 6.0.4 during testing, please contact your reseller or contact us directly.

Currently it is intended to promote this pre-release to live (thus becoming the [email protected] Release 6.0.4 App) on January 13th. This means that any of your users who have automatic updates enabled on their mobile device will automatically be upgraded after this date.

This new version of the App contains the following enhancements as well as several bug corrections:

  • Navigation arrows enable the easier editing of text fields.
  • The default grouping option will now be taken from the [email protected] database (if the core software you are using is Version 6.0.4 or later).
  • The Memo header analysis field is filled with form number when data are downloaded to the App for authorisation if blank.