[email protected] Launches [email protected] and [email protected] for Android

[email protected] is delighted to announce the release of our Mobile App For Android.




Our [email protected] Android App allows users of the desktop versions of [email protected], [email protected] and¬†[email protected] to upload expense claims and other forms based data from their Android device. Users of the iPhone can alternatively¬†use the Expense Management On The iPhone.

Administrators can limit the forms and data that is available on the phone and allow employees to partially complete and upload receipts and data which can then be completed at the desktop or laptop.

Alternatively forms can be immediately submitted for approval when uploaded from the mobile device.

To learn more about using the Android App with your existing implementation please Contact Us.

You can download the App now via the Google App Store. You should then Register with us so you can try out the app.

The registration process is needed in order to provide you with a Login Name and Password to our [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] Demonstration Systems.

If your organisation has already implemented [email protected] for iPhone or Android then you should contact your Administrators to arrange access.

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