[email protected] Planning & Budgeting Module Enhancements

In the coming weeks we will produce one more [email protected] Version 6.0 release containing some minor enhancements and bug fixes. This will be [email protected] 6.0.3.

We will then begin work on a major release, Version 6.1,  the largest component of which will be an improved Planning module. This will involve at least six months’ work. We invite you to let us know what improvements you would like to see in this module.

Our customers use Planning for a variety of different purposes::

  • For project budgeting – so that comparisons of actual time and cost can be made against budget
  • For project planning – so that employees can be allocated to projects on available days at various allocation levels and informed of that allocation
  • To hold MS Project plans
  • For diary management, including absence plans
  • For overall services budgeting
  • For holding values against projects and employees for validation purposes (e.g. vacation allowances by employees)
  • Expense budgeting (e.g. by employee by category of expense)
  • For the creation of project quotations

We have tried to design a configurable module that can meet all of these needs and we intend to continue to provide configurable functionality for all of these purposes.

Amongst our current ideas are:

  • Improved (intuitive) options for the selection of cells
  • Improved (intuitive) options for manipulation of cell values, including allocation level – drag and drop, etc
  • Improved presentation of grid so that it more closely resembles an Excel spreadsheet, for example
  • Improvements to the usability of the current manipulation tools
  • Removal of unnecessary rows
  • ‘Tools’ to ‘float’ as a separate panel
  • Keyboard arrows to enable movement between cells
  • MS Project Integration through the PSW
  • Option to limit a planning profile to a single project or a single employee
  • Improved prevention of over-allocation of an employee
  • Plan ‘versions’ with approval workflow
  • Excel export and import from grid
  • Link to client/project/task creation

These are just a few of the many possibilities we are considering. Please let us know your thoughts and recommendations.