[email protected] Releases 1st iPhone App

We are very pleased to announce the release of the first of [email protected]’s suite of mobile applications, expense4you.

expense4you lets you capture expenses through an incredibly easy and intuitive user interface. In addition you can capture photos of your receipts and record voice memos to remind you of the details of the expense claim.

You can then upload your claims to our secure server, where you can report, analyse and export the details using your browser.

expense4you lets you choose a profile that determines your base currency, tax and mileage reimbursement rules.

Profiles for the USA, UK, Eurozone, South Africa, Australia, India and International (for all others) are available now, with many more to come, including non-English language versions.

This version of the expense4you iPhone application is designed for the personal capture of your business expenses and can be tried free of charge for 1 month. After this time there is an In-App subscription option for £4.99 per year.

Upcoming Releases

expense4you Corporate – We will shortly be releasing a corporate version of expense4you which will allow users of our [email protected] and [email protected] applications to capture expense claims on the go and upload these to their corporate networks. Users of [email protected] and [email protected] can try the expense4you App as the corporate version will function identically.

expense4you Home – Additionally we are releasing a version of the App called “expense4you at Home” which will allow the capture of domestic expenses and income.

forms4you – In the coming months we will also release forms4you, a generic forms entry App that can be configured for a wide variety of purposes and integrated with other database systems.

For further information on expense4you or to suggest some additional enhancements you would like to see please Contact Us.